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Get out the "Merry" VOTE!

'Tis the season to make your voice heard!

There are a number of important positions up for election each year. As a Pagan, I believe all political races are important because each elected position in our government, as in magic, adds its unique energy to the whole. As below, so above.



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Click here for some information and discussion about making parts of I-540 into toll roads.


If we want government as a whole to operate based on certain principles, then our elected local and regional officals must hold those same values. As my mother always says about an unruly toddler, "If he can't do it at 16, he can't do it now." To paraphrase that axiom, "If they can't do it at the Federal level, they can't do it here!"

The issues, not candidate sound bites, are what elections should really be about. Pagans have some issues that are nearer and dearer to their hearts than others. You can probably guess what they are: environmental & wildlife protection, open space initiatives, equal rights, and separation of church and state, to name a few.

These issues reflect the values we hold: the physical universe was created in love, the physical universe is blessed and should not be abused, all of the universe is interdependent (the web of life) and all of the universe can communicate.

Finding out about a candidate believes on these important issues is like speed dating: there's a few you can weed out right away, but it's hard to really get to know someone in five minutes. That's where voter guides come in. As a data lover, I prefer quizzes that ask specific questions.


UNC-TV has a nice web site offering local NC race information. http://www.ncvoterguide.org/


One web site called OntheIssues.org actually went with the whole online dating paradigm and created a quiz that will match you with candidates and show percentages of agreement. http://www.ontheissues.org/quiz.htm

Alas, it is only for national seats.

Political Map of Rev Su - a Populist-leaning Liberal!But it is useful nonetheless, and can at least tell you how to label yourself politically (for times when that is useful). Particularly useful is the percentage of agreement on Economic and Social issues separately.

The way coolest feature of this web site is the ability to register and save your answers! Nice!

I myself take the quiz every year because my views change as I get more information or when life forces me to take a second look at what I believe I need or want for my elected representatives and leaders.

BTW: It is volunteer-run and you can help by contacting the Quiz Coordinator, Jesse, from the link on the site.



North Carolina State Board of Elections provides a wealth of local information, and most other states have something similar. http://www.sboe.state.nc.us/content.aspx?id=29 Generally, the BOE site only provide profiles for judge (nonpartisan) candidates, which are also mailed to you a month before the election.


Project Vote Smart has a number of resources, and is a very attractive, user-friendly web site. They have the Political Courage Test, which many candidates will not answer directly on the advice of the national party committees (that's so sad!), Interest Group Ratings for some races, and a handy list of voting records for even State legislative incumbents!

And they are rolling out a national race voter-candidate matching quiz, too! http://www.votesmart.org/voteeasy/ It gives you candidate matches for each of twelve broad questions, and as you go through each topic you see a percentage matched overall and a "best match" for each race.

On a lark I decided to fill out the PVS Candidate Questionnaire. *sigh* I only agree with about 60-70% of what the Democrat candidates want to do, but social justice issues are more important to me and the Libertarian candidates around here tend to be more like Republicans on social issues. Really, I just don't want government to force emotional moral issues by eliminating public funding, regardless of trying not to offend a minority. I mean, if that's how we decided where funding would go, nothing would ever get funded!


The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) has a handy ballot creator web app at http://vote2.aarp.org/index.do It focuses on issues relevant to their mission such as Social Security and the economy.


I found this general site with information about the requirements for voting. Very informative! http://www.vote411.org/bystateresult.php?state=NC


The League of Women Voters NC has a handy schedule of when the televised debates will be held and aired. http://www.lwvnc.org/ Their sister site, Smart Voter has links to issues pertaining to elections, such as campaigning and campaign financing. http://www.smartvoter.org/voter/links.html


Here's who I really support: http://www.ncgreenparty.org/

Petition to grant the NC Green Party ballot access!

Did you know that Greens are not allowed to have a candidate printed on any ballot in the state?

Download this petition pdf, get your neighbors and co-workers to sign up for equal ballot access for Greens (whether they vote that way or not), and mail it to North Carolina Green Party, PO Box 501, Midland, NC 28107

The Triangle Greens meet regularly. Get involved! Their web site is not updated, more's the pity, but the email address provided in the "co-chairs" link is accurate. The next meeting is October 26 at 6 pm in Durham.

Lots of pundits and real people alike say, "Voting for the Green Party may as well be a vote for the Republican Party. It just spoils the Democrats' chances." That's why in a tight race I vote Democrat. But other than that, I vote my conscience, i.e., THE ISSUES! Vote yours.