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Rev Su Windsong is an ordained wedding minister, teacher, writer and intuitive fortune teller in Raleigh NC.

Private Digital Divination

Better than a random, online, stock-answer reading, Rev Su is an experienced intuitive and compelling writer.

Send $10 cash inside a piece of paper (or as a PayPal Gift) to Rev Su.

In the comments, include:

          • your email address (if sending by postal service)
          • the type of divination (Example: intuitive cards or runes, I Ching coins, or select from the card/rune spreads below)
          • the general topic/question of your divination.

Once I receive your payment, I will email you full details of your reading, including the cards or other intuitive tools that come up, and a written summary of how they tie together and apply to your topic/question. Don't worry, I will NOT save your e-mail!


Life Stage Ceremonies

Donations and gas money gratefully accepted

Belly Blessing
  • To anoint the mother and celebrate her as a representative of the All-Mother
  • Gender divination is optional
Newborn/Child* Blessing (Saining)
  • To welcome the child into the family of the Universe
Mothering/Fathering Service
  • To prepare for the joys and responsibilities of parenthood and, if partnered, a change in your relationship
Crowning Service
  • For men and women who enjoy middle age and want to celebrate their mature independence 
Croning or Saging Service
  • For men and women who reap the benefits of wisdom
Crossing/Funeral Service
  • A dignified service of mourning and celebration for loved ones, whether they be people or pets.
  • Please contact Rev. Samantha Heart for this service.

  *Rev Su does not perform Menarche and Manhood rituals at this time.
Please contact Rev. Samantha Heart for this service.

Other Blessings

Hand-Fasting or Marriage Service, Consultation Required
Hand-Parting (Sacred Divorce) Service, Consultation Required
  • To ease the pain of divorce or separation
  • To help clarify feelings for you and the children of your family
  • Non-legal
Dwelling Cleansing & Blessing
(house, apartment, RV, etc.)
  • Complete spiritual cleansing inside and out
  • Includes a written charm to post inside your dwelling
Transportation Blessing
(car, boat, skateboard, etc.)
  • Complete spiritual cleansing inside and out
  • Includes a written charm to post on or in
Pet Blessing
  • Spiritual blessing and family bonding ceremony
  • Please contact Rev. Samantha Heart, an ordained pet minister, for this service.

For information on changing your name after a legal wedding, try  http://missnowmrs.com/ 

For information of creating a legal civil union when legal "marriage" is not available, please see this document from Family LLC. 





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