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Rev Su's Haiku of the Day

Poetic Disclaimer: What is a day in the life of a poem? It has no clocks, no hands, no ticking. The sun and moon shine forever in a poem. Let us not restrict ourselves to convention when we talk of days. Enjoy the moment of the poem when it happens.

Haiku Home - Jan 2011

Inconvenient truth
I believe in government
I have to pay cash
First adult fever
Chills, sweating, Josh's cool lips
On my hot forehead

Abandoned in youth
Brought to the local shelter
Adopted by us

The midnight rambler
Climbs the bookcases like stairs
To her special spot

Not a sound she makes
Except her rhythmic bathing
In morning darkness

My poor, abused body
Aching with the changing sky
Memories of youth
I wanted info
Not to be your new leader
I'm disenchanted
I finished the book
Eight renewals but I did it
Now it's another's turn
I feel like that ad
With the invading green guys
Not so funny now
My hermit crab chirped
A warning yell, or greeting
Astonishing sound!
How can she lay there
Draped o'er my arm like taffy
Yet she takes a nap
Quiet thoughts written
Exploring my own actions
Deriving meaning
Butt wiggles instinctively
Sister cat pounces!
How do the days fly
Without wings or bright feathers
Are we the fliers
Infancy and youth
So short and growing shorter
Pause to enjoy it
Like the hermit crab
I seek the safety of shells
World-proof disguises
Green tree frogs, slimy slugs
Love to feast on the green fuzz
Power-washed away

Should kids be naive,
Or should they be more wily
And think less of us?

Better safe than hurt
Gang fights, sex, drug dealers, guns
Childhood predators

Would knowing without
Completely understanding
Preserve innocence?

I feel like such crap
Phlegm crap makes me cough and hack
Crap, please go away
Bah humbug. Piffle.
Grumbly, grumble, grumble.
Whine, stomp, whine, whine, grr.
I'm back to the grind
I feel like it's grinding me
When can I ease off
We are IHOPping
Pancakes and tilapia
A date with my love
Such warm hands, clasped hands
Offering, revealing and
Signifying love
Sting writes trite lyrics
I think I could do better
Alas, I'm not him
IHOP buttermilk
pancakes melt in your mouth like
they are ambrosia
  2011-1-17 MLK, Jr.Day  
Shall we overcome
Injustice, poverty, hate
Someday soon, we shall
I will miss this time
Singing and laughing with you
Our spirits singing
Twisting, jerking limb
My head turning and shaking
Betraying body

Woke up too early
Finally went back to sleep
Time to get up. Crap.

The hot water stings
Evidence of injury
In fleeting battles
What is this mess here?
It is in my spot, my lair!
Where will I doze now?
“The Bath”
Life-restoring heat
Baking into my body
Embracing my soul
I made a mistake
Would that I could undo it
Or snatch back the word

My cats smell of tongues
Of dry cat food, Swheat Scoop and
Wrestling on the floor
“At the Crabbie Shell Shop”
She’s been here one week
In a new shell every day
Pick one, already!
“Frozen Rain”
Smell the brittle air
Each blade of grass is shiny
O’er the sleeping earth

Just a paperweight
No more communication
My battery died
Soft, smooth like satin
A delight to the senses
Glorious beauty
Too young, too, too young
To be a parent, mom to
A child of children
Same name, different styles
Billies Joel and Idol both
Make me want to dance
“Power Struggle”
Drop the attitude
Respect my authority
I get the last word
“The Last Poem, I Swear”
Ready for bedtime
Sleepy brain thinks up haiku
Put down the pencil
"Laundry Day"
Order from chaos
Sluicing away the past
Useful once again
Stripped and flipped the bed
Folded the laundry as well
Two of three ain't bad
  2011-1-11 (Cool!)  

"Snow Day"
Everything is ice
No snow, sleet or freezing rain
Just hushed, peaceful day

Driving is stupid
So I sit on the sofa
Wrapped in a blanket

No work, no duties
The day is my own to plan
So I write haiku

Grunting blue and red
Swords, hammers, automatics
Reach for victory
"My FarmVille Farm"
Expansive, fertile
Collections of gnomes and sheep
Come to my fruit stand
Snuggling in between
Mommy and Daddy's bodies
How are you comfy?
Old ingredients
Experiment with flavors
A new dish is born
My cat is awake.
She wants me to wake up, too.
I just want to sleep.
She's scratching, scratching.
Dandruff, or the dreaded flea?
I fear ev'ry itch!
Why do cats rise so
Loudly and without mercy?
I want to sleep in.
Crabs lie in repose
Huddled together like friends
Colony critters