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Rev Su's Haiku of the Day

Poetry is random feelings described with precise words. ~Rev. Su Leone

Poetic Disclaimer: What is a day in the life of a poem? It has no clocks, no hands, no ticking. The sun and moon shine forever in a poem. Let us not restrict ourselves to convention when we talk of days. Enjoy the moment of the poem when it happens.


Haiku Home - Jan 2011

Oh, my sweet heavens!
They were so darn loud today
Kids? No, animals!
Like a bold sunrise
Bursting from the cold darkness
Is my true love's smile
Play cops and robbers
With jet packs and hand grenades
Now I have the lead!
Yummy chicken stuff
Food of gods and daycare kids
Splendid casserole
One cat on my lap
Another pawing at me
Please love me, Mommy!
I think of haikus
I forget to upload them
Here is my attempt
I will be waiting
Number seventy-seven
At the library
Got a new laptop
My husband keeps using it
Oh well, we will share!
Thrilling Hunger Games
Katniss and Peeta falling
Heroes in training
Valentine sweetheart
Love of my life, my husband
Fifteen together
No one wins these
Angry words, taut bodies, frowns
No one ever wins
The Egyptians sing
Free to make their own mistakes
Tyrannized no more
Will these still be kept
For future generations
My time capsule
My crabs are chirping
Sounds like a wire with a short
Rhythmic, insistent
How I love tacos
Crunchy on the outside, yet
Warm on the inside
Tapping my fingers
Counting out the syllables
Writing my haiku
Mubarek, you fool!
The old guard must step down now
Or there will be blood
I like my new hat
It is a Chik-fil-A cow
Wearing a fire hat
I am not depressed
While it lasts I will do chores
Not think of what's next
I think it's funny
When the cats pounce at nothing
They still are happy
Dusty clay litter
Dead, uncomfortable stuff
Makes my poor cats sneeze
Time for my taxes
I will finish them post haste
My Damacles' sword
Why do I hear chimes?
Cats are not allowed up there.
Silky's a bad girl!
Cats sit in the tub
Snatching at random rain drops
From my bath pillow
The dishwasher lulls
Its rhythms are like lake waves
Washing up the hull
Why are you still here
You should have yet departed
I wish you were gone
As with gods of old
Power must be handed down
Generations wait
I wish to be here
When the spacemen gods return
Twenty Eighty-Six
Mubarek, step down
Your time as despot is done
Let the people rule
I am so tired
So why am I still playing?
I can't help myself
Those cheating bastards
Armor lock is a fool's shield
No skill is required
Balanced on the edge
Sleepy kitty's eyes are closed
Feet tucked up under
A job interview
Twelve days away, I'm freaking
Wait - I can do this
O mother-in-law,
Your driving is horrendous
But we are grateful
Naughty girl Silky
Getting up on daddy's desk
You will now get dunked
Real influenza
Lucky, I got the flu shot
Poor Josh, not so much