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Help Mother Earth

It is very important to me to conserve resources and be a good caretaker for the Earth, our Mother. Just like our own bodies, the Earth has mostly finite resources.

While some materials can be transmuted through time and chemistry into different resources anew, the exploding human population is using up most resources faster than they can be regenerated.

Reduce ~ Reuse ~ Recycle ~ Renew!


LASTEST UPDATE 11/28: Ban on backyard farming


Here are some links to information, programs and products that I feel are worth supporting. Positive change can happen one person at a time, but it's better when 'many hands make light work.'

Organizations ~ Issues ~ Local Programs ~ Cool Products


Central NC Evnironmental Organizations

City of Raleigh

Conservation Council of NC, Inc (environmental lobbyists)

Conservation Trust for NC (Land Trust Alliance)

Environment News

Environment North Carolina

Institute for the Environment (UNC)

Natural Resource leadership Institute (NCState)

NC Conservation Network

NC Green Power

NC Project Green

Neuse River Education Team

Pamlico-Tar River Foundation

Piedmont Environmental Alliance

Sierra Club NC Chapter

WakeUP Wake County

Water Resources Research Institute (UNC)

Another List of Organizations (by ECU)


Organizations ~ More Info on These Issues ~ Local Programs ~ Cool Products


Air Quality

CAFE Standards for Fuels Efficiency:

Food Production & Safety

Propsed Criminalization of Backyard Farming

Global Warming

Use and Benefits by Sheryl Joachim, "All plastic is made from petroleum and plastic is used almost everywhere, in cars, houses, toys, computers and clothing. Asphalt used in road construction is a petroleum product as is the synthetic rubber in the tires. Paraffin wax comes from petroleum, as do fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, detergents, phonograph records, photographic film, furniture, packaging materials, surfboards, paints and artificial fibers used in clothing, upholstery, and carpet backing. Helium, sulfur and other valuable materials are produced from oil wells along with petroleum itself. " 


North Carolina Landfill Capacity Analysis in years and tons (Wake County is nearly full as of August 9, 2007.)

Land Use


Online Triangle-area bus trip planner

Here is info on the I-540 toll extension called the "Southeast Expressway"


Organizations ~More Info on These Issues ~ Local Programs ~ Cool Products

Triangle Area Programs

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CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Vehicle Filling Station
A City of Raleigh-owned CNG pumping station is at 4120 New Bern Ave., site of the City’s Heavy Equipment Depot and Landfill. The station serves the general public as well as City vehicles. Only credit cards are accepted. Call for hours (919) 250-2758


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Raleigh Swap Shop
Keeping Useable Items Out of the Landfill. Go to the Swap Shop at the City of Raleigh Yard Waste Center, 900 N. New Hope Road. Check in with the attendant, then put your useable items in the sheds to the left. Hours of operation:   Monday - Saturday, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Xeriscaping Handbook

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

Ways to Reuse Household Items

Ideas for Preventing Waste

Junk Mail Reduction

Water Consumption Calculator

Raleigh Recycling Program Web Site

H2O Use

Organizations ~ Info on Issues ~ Local Programs ~ Cool Products

Products I Think Are Neat

List of Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products (many recipes)

Select-a-Flush Toilet Conversion Kit

Trash Can Rain Barrel Conversion Kit

Utility Free (DIY equipment)

The Alt E Store (DIY products)

Alternative Energy HQ (DIY products and articles)

Organizations ~ Info on Issues ~ Local Programs ~ Cool Products

(This page established 7-2-2010. Updated 11-28-2010.)