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Monday, November 10, 2008

President Obama

I heard the words "President Obama" for the first time today on NPR. Then when I got home, I saw footage of him walking next to President Bush 43 at the White House.

It was a difficult decision to vote for him over Cynthia McKinney, but North Carolina was SUCH as tossup, I knew my one litle vote would truly matter this year. And I wanted to make sure that it was someone with whom I agree 58% of the time rather than 23%.

Did you vote? I hope so, America!

At the end of Prairie Home Companion this week, everyone sang "God Bless America." It was very moving to be singing it a thte top of my lungs with them! (Even if I am for the separation of church and state! LOL)

In harmony,
Rev. Su

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