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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Love Performing Weddings!

I went to seminary because I wanted to be a resource for people in my faith community. But I also studied for all t hose years so that I could be ordained, which means (for some strange reason) I can legalize a marriage.

I wanted to be where the action is. I am so lucky! I get to be 12 inches from the faces of people in love. I get to see them smile, cry, laugh, to watch their chin shake as they say the most poignant words they will ever say - their vows.

The dresses change, the attendants, the ring settings (there's such a variety!) - they all change from wedding to wedding. But those loving looks, the sudden shyness, the grasping hands trying to hang on to their old life while leaping into a bright new future together. It's all there every single time.

And I love it.

In harmony,
Rev. Su

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